Ly Son island – the “Jeju island” of Vietnam

Ly Son island – the “Jeju island” of Vietnam 

Ly Son Island is quite simply like heaven on a blue ocean for tourists with its crystal clear waters full of reef wildlife, white sandy beaches, plush green garlic fields and spectacular volcano scenery.
Ly Son is the one and only island in Quang Ngai province. But did you know that about 25 to 30 million years ago, it was a volcano?
15 nautical miles from Sa Ky Port to the North, Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai Province is known as the “natural pearl island” for its charming and spectacular white sand and blue sea.

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Ly Son island - the “Jeju island” of Vietnam 火山

Ly Son Island is famous for Thoi Loi mountain peak, from which visitors can see a panorama of the brilliant beauty of the island, with blue sea and skies, green fields of garlic, and dark brown architecture. The mountain provide the main reservoir of water that supplies the entire population on the island.

thoi loi mountain peak 美丽的海滩

The views from the top of Thoi Loi Crater are excellent

road on mountain

You can ride a motorbike on this road!

Hang Cau - Cau cave

Hang Cau – Cau cave, is one of the most spectacularly situated beaches in Vietnam, lodged beneath these cliffs

Ly Son island - the “Jeju island” of Vietnam 美丽的海滩

This is one of the favorite places for photography enthusiasts when coming to Ly Son. Especially alluring is welcoming dawn and dusk.

chua duc

A stairway leads behind the statue of the Goddess of Mercy towards the top of Nui Gieng Tien Crater

Mossy coastline 苔

Mossy coastline with magical sunset

Ly Son’s summer lasts between June and September, offering the best conditions for outdoor activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling,… If you’re planning on purchasing quality garlic, harvesting season is from February to March.

Ly Son island - the “Jeju island” of Vietnam

The garlic fields. Garlic is a specialty of Ly Son.

Ly Son Island is made up of 300 hectares of garlic cultivation with a yearly harvest of 1,500 tons. It is usually sold at VND100,000 per kilo, but the special kind can sell up to VND1 million a kilo. Both shallots and garlic are planted in big areas of land.

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