Dinh Que – Cinnamon Mountain in Tay Giang, Quang Nam

Dinh Que, Que peak or Cinnamon Peak of Mountain 

Located at the height of 1400m above the sea level, Tay Giang appears with many similar features to Da Lat in Lam Dong or Sa Pa in Lao Cai with white cloud covering the whole landscapes all year round. This is also a hot destination in the central region of Vietnam romoured by travelers.

You can also bring your own equipment to make a tent on the ground on Dinh Que (Que peak, Cinnamon Peak of Mountain) and overnight there to admire sunrise the next morning. In the new dawn, the first sunlight sprouting through the thin layer of mist to welcome the new day. The village appears gradually with the rise of the sun. The landscapes of sky and ground blend well, creating the marvelous settings.

Serving as a destination that is easy to reach without costing so much but still can bring lots of experience, Tay Giang is really an ideal place for people looking for a place with new, strange, nice and pristine beauty.

Location: In Tr’Hy, Tay Giang, the Miniature Northwest of Quang Nam province

Dinh Que - Cinnamon peaks park

Dinh Que - Cinnamon peaks 2

(Enjoy grilled chicken on Cinnamon Peaks)

The ideal time to visit Que peak is from October to February next year. Besides that, it’s an ideal destination for numerous youngsters to hunt cloud because when you reach the top of the mountain, you can’t identify between the sky and the ground because this destination is always covered by white dew and cloud all year round. It attracts visitors with the cool weather about 10 Celcius degree in summer. There are more activities near Que peak including visiting the community of Co Tu ethnic people, Ra-Ai High Steep Waterfall, or Azut Heaven Gate,…

Dinh Que - Cinnamon peak 肉桂峰

(Covered by white dew and cloud all year round)

welcome the new day

(The first sunlight sprouting through the thin layer of mist to welcome the new day)

Que peaks - Cinnamon peaks great view

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