Come to Mang Den in Spring

Following National Road No.24 about 54kms from Kon Tum City to the center of Kon Plong District. Climb a 12kms mountain pass, also named Mang Den. Tourists in Vietnam travel will arrive at the Mang Den Ecotourism Site.

Also with cold weather, pine forests and mansions nestled in the morning dew, Mang Den is like the second Da Lat city in the majestic forest and mountain of Central Highlands.
In the language of M’Nong people, Mang Den means the large and flat land. Located at an altitude of 1,200m over the sea level, Mang Den becomes the ideal place to hide the heat and wind of the Central Highland, with an average temperature of 18-20 Celsius degrees all the year round. Mang Den has a wild, pure beauty like a young woman sleeping in the woods.
On the basalt trail leading to grandeur Mang Den, anyone would mistake like being lost in the romantic landscape of Da Lat. Located between the winding passes of Mang Den and Violak, Mang Den hides itself in the primitive forests, creating a spectacular natural picture.
While rare red pine trees are disappearing in Da Lat, Mang Den is surrounded by endless stretches of red pines. Mixed in that vast blue are songs of the forest, which are harmonized the sounds of waterfalls, water and birds.

Apricot blossom 樱花盛开

Cherry-like apricot blossoms in full bloom


Best times to visit Mang Den
– October to December: Admire mountainside yellow rice fields in harvest season, Cherry-like apricot blossoms in full bloom.
– April to May: Admire forest flowers, such as forest orchids or Sim flowers (wild purple flowers), as they begin to flourish.

What to eat
Local specialities, including: Cơm lam (rice in a bamboo tube) is the staple dish in the Central Highlands; Mang Đen roasted pork, sturgeon, and grilled chicken.

dak ke lake

Dak Ke Lake

Come to MangDen in Spring

Suspension bridge in the ecotourism area

mang den kon tum 花桃

Come to Mang Den in Spring

Pa sy waterfall

Pa Sy waterfall offers visitors magical forest songs

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